How does Knee Pain occur?

While knee pain is a common side effect of aging, it is also commonly caused by muscle imbalances and structural misalignment around the hip, knee, and ankle joints brought on by poor posture, overuse and repetitive stress, and physical trauma. A growing number of people are undergoing total knee-replacement surgery, and while this surgical technique has greatly improved over the past several decades, it is still considered an invasive and expensive surgical procedure. Fortunately, there are non-surgical treatments that can enable patients to avoid the risk of knee replacement surgery altogether. At Performance Health & Wellness, we can offer chiropractic treatment to help.

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How do we treat Knee Pain?

Chiropractic treatment is very effective for many of the problems that cause knee pain, and although a condition such as osteoarthritis is not curable, the symptoms can be reduced and the progression of the problem can be helped thanks to our approach to treatment. We can help patients through the use of a combination of techniques to help alleviate pain and restore normal alignment of joints, improve gait, reduce inflammation, and find activities to promote mobility and flexibility. Soft tissue massage can be used to help improve the knee’s range of motion. Chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques in the areas of restricted movement around the knee and surrounding joints can greatly reduce knee pain while simultaneously increasing the range of motion in the joint and improving its overall function.

For overweight patients, weight loss has also been shown to improve mobility and reduce knee pain. If you have osteoarthritis, a chiropractor can offer non-surgical methods to reduce pain and slow joint degeneration.

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