Numbness Down The Arm

Are you suffering Numbness or Tingling Down your arm? Patients with symptoms down their arms are typically very concerned. They have heard it can mean a severe disc problem and surgery. But There are many causes of numbness and tingling down the arm that don’t require surgery to treat. When a nerve is irritated patients will complain of an abnormal sensation down the arm. We hear “it feels like my arm is going to sleep”, numbness, tingling, burning and weakness of the arm, hand or fingers. Anywhere along the course that nerve travels, the nerve can get entrapped. One of the more common site is indeed the neck, caused by a dic problem or arthritis. Arthritis or disc degeneration causes the hole, intervertebral foramen, where the nerve comes out to narrow and irriate the nerve. Most disc and arthritic conditions can be treat conservatively and not require surgery. There are other causes, we at Perfomance Chiropractic, see postural distortions as common cause. As the nerve leaves the neck, it passes though the The shoulder and Thoracic Outlet. Muscles like the Scalene’s and pectoralis minor can also be the culprit. Once we unentrap the nerve at the area then improving the posture is the next step. As you can see, a thorough exam is necessary to find where the nerve is being irritated and what is the cause of the problem. Then we can develop a individualized treatment program.

Symptoms include:

  • Numbness, tingling, bruning down the arm
  • Weakness of the arm and hands
  • Difficulty grasping and holding

Performance Health & Wellness is not your typical chiropractor. I came to see Dr. Chris Barney and Performance Health & Wellness for a shoulder problem. I was getting numbness down my arm. For about 6 months I had tried other professionals such as neurologists and physical therapists, and even another chiropractor, but only had limited change. Then I learned of a treatment called Active Release Technique and I wanted to find somebody in my area that I could see. Not only was Dr. Barney a practitioner, he was also a lead instructor for ART. After about the 3rd treatment, I was about 80% better. Lynda Head, Owner/Trainer, Aussie Trainer

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