Groin Pull

Groin pull injuries are a very common injury. We see it regularly in our clinic. They are characterized by pain, localized to that region. The groin muscles, called the Adductor group, are made up of six muscles. These muscles attach to the inner pelvis down to the inside of the knee. The Adductor muscles have unique properties that make them susceptible to injury.The Adductor muscles can Flex, move the leg forward, or Extend, move the leg backward, depending on the position of the leg. This means they get little rest during running, skating and biking exercise. Groin pulls are often seen in athletics who participate in sports such as ice hockey, and soccer. An examination is necessary to determine the exact muscle or muscles involved as well as why the tissue got injuried in the 1st place.

Symptoms include:

  • Localized pain in that region
  • Difficulty with squating and running

As a professional hockey player for over 18 years, I’ve suffered numerous knee and groin injuries that have caused me to miss many games. Thankfully due to the amazing work of Dr. Chris Barney, I have been able to continue playing hockey in the best possible physical condition. Saku Koivu, Professional Hockey Player, NHL Anaheim Ducks