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Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms then you could be suffering from Adhesive Capsulitis which is more commonly known as Frozen Shoulder, which generally occurs more often in women and people over 40 years of age. Other populations more susceptible to this condition are people with diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or previous heart attack sufferers. Pain is moderate to severe in the shoulder, but the main complaint and clinical finding is the significant loss of shoulder movement in all directions. Even though the reduced range of motion and pain can seem very severe patients classically cannot think of any possible event that lead to their current condition. Although the cause is unknown the process begins with inflammation and resolves with scar tissue formation throughout soft tissue structures of the shoulder. This gradual build up of scar tissue reduces shoulder range of motion and function as well as initiates shoulder pain.

Symptoms include:

  • Painful shoulder movement
  • Drastically reduced shoulder range of motion in all directions
  • Inability to perform many daily activities of living
  • Pain interfering with sleep

For about 6 months I had tried other professionals such as neurologists and physical therapists, and even another chiropractor, but only had limited change. Then I learned of a treatment called Active Release Technique and I wanted to find somebody in my area that I could see. Not only was Dr. Barney a practitioner, he was also a lead instructor for ART. After about the 3rd treatment, I was about 80% better.” Lynda Head, Owner/Trainer at Fitness Evolution

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