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At Performance Health and Wellness, our goal is to help you achieve optimum health through Body Transformation. We utilize the principals of functional medicine with nutritional counselling and weight management programs to help you achieve your body transformation goals.

What is Functional Medicine? 

Functional Medicine is a patient-centered form of healthcare that is based on a set of principles that identify the body as being designed to function as an interconnected system. The body relies on every system to be performing harmoniously, in order for it to regulate its functions for optimal performance. When one system fails, the entire flow is interrupted causing failures in systems otherwise unaffected. How your body functions is directly influenced by both environmental factors and your genetic makeup. When a system in your body becomes imbalanced, it may lead illness or disease.

Functional Medicine is unlike conventional medicine because it looks at your body as a whole and considers all systems when treating illness and health conditions. Our goal is to identify the underlying, root cause of illness then treating each related system in order to restore harmony, essentially transforming your body to a state of wellness.

Transforming Your Body with Functional Medicine 

At Performance Health and Wellness, we focus on body transformation by uncovering the underlying root cause of disease and our goal is to correct biochemical imbalances in order for the body to rid itself of disease. Functional Medicine it is often recommended for the treatment of conditions that are often difficult to diagnose and treat. Common conditions treated with

Functional Medicine includes:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  • Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid Conditions
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Migraines and Headaches

Body Transformation — Irvine, California Functional Medicine

Your initial assessment with our medical team includes a detailed look at your current health, past health history, current and past medications, and detailed blood chemistry analysis.

Specific areas that are evaluated include:

  • Environmental Inputs
  • Mind-Body Elements
  • Genetic Makeup

Your body transformation evaluation looks to uncover the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction including how your body rids itself of toxins, hormone regulation, the health of your digestive tract and how your body absorbs nutrients, immune system function and the inflammatory response.

Your overall health improves as your body transforms in many ways such as:

  • Beautiful, Glowing Skin
  • Healthier Hair and Nails
  • More Energy, Better Mood & Uplifted Spirit
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Improved Digestion
  • Decrease in Visceral (Dangerous) Fat

Eliminating Dangerous, Visceral Fat

Visceral fat — also known as “dangerous” fat — does more to our bodies than cause our clothes to feel snug. Visceral fat is stored around your organs and contributes to health concerns such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sleep disorders, and even sexual dysfunction. Because visceral fat is store deep below the subcutaneous fat (the fat directly under the skin), even people who appear to be thin may have visceral fat lurking around their vital organs.

Visceral fat is stored and burned differently than subcutaneous fat and therefore needs to dealt with completely differently. Simply cutting calories and increasing exercise like typical weight loss programs recommend, just doesn’t work. Our program looks at balancing your cortisol stress hormones and your sleep patterns. We also look at balancing your sex hormones and prescribing effective exercises to facilitate visceral fat burning. Our body transformation program looks into all of these factors necessary for effective weight loss. The results speak for themselves!

Treatment Options Individually Selected for YOU 

Treating the imbalances in your body in order to help you transform your body may be addressed in a number of ways. At Performance Health and Wellness, we employ a variety of specific interventions and customize your treatment plan based on your needs. Your individual treatment plan may include a combination botanical medicine, nutritional counseling, supplementation, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, exercise or stress-management techniques, weight loss plans and more.

Learn More about Body Transformation in Irvine 

Your body transformation is based on the principals of Functional Medicine, which views us as being both genetically and biochemically unique. At Performance Health and Wellness, our personalized approach to health care does just that — we treat you as an individual, focusing on the cause of your imbalances and not the symptoms of the disease. To learn how Functional Medicine can help you transform your body and improve your health naturally, contact

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