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At Performance Health & Wellness we value our patient feedback. Below are online reviews of practice.

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Todd Miller (USA Master's National Champion-2010)
"I have been seeing Dr. Christian Barney for over 20 years.  I am involved in master's volleyball and my training and competitions sometimes causes injuries. Dr. Barney has cured me numerous times the very first visit.  He has a sixth sense it seems as his healing abilities are intuitive and remarkable.  He has surpassed the orthopedic surgeons in his knowledge of how to teach his clients how to avoid injuries in the future. I have sent over 50 friends and family members to Dr. Barney over the past 20 years and he uniformly earns their trust and business.  His skill set includes treating and healing the body's entire muscular-skeletal system.  He also has great success as one of the top practitioners of ART (active release technique) in the nation.  He has also helped me quite a bit with his vast knowledge of nutrition and diet. Lastly, unlike many doctors, Chris walks the walk as he is one of the fittest and healthiest persons I have ever met."
Drew Avery (1997 EAS Body Transformation Champion)
"I will never forget the day I met Dr. Barney...I had recently won the first EAS "Body For Life Challenge" and I was in the best shape of my life. I was around 6% body fat and my six-pack abs was considered to be my best part. However, I was frustrated because no matter how much exercising I did I couldn’t shake the nagging back problems that I had been plaguing me for over 12 years. In fact, I was at a point where my back was "going out" once every 3-4 months. Within the first 4 minutes of the examination Dr. Barney told me something I just could not believe...he told me "Drew, your abs are weak". I thought he was just did not seem possible. But you know what, he was right. Using some Active Release Techniques combined with some chiropractic manipulation, Dr. Barney was able to create immediate and noticeable improvement in my back pain. But that’s not the best part...Dr. Barney gave me specific strengthening exercises that not only strengthened my abs, but also literally rejuvenated my back and eliminated the pain I had been battling for years. It’s amazing, I have more flexibility and more strength in my back then when I was 20 and I haven’t had any back problems for over two years now. In my opinion, what makes Dr. Barney so unique is that he combines Active Release and Chiropractic manipulation, with an incredible understanding of physiology and biomechanics. So whether you’re a professional athlete or someone that sits at a desk every day...he’s able to determine the source of your problems and then prescribe a precise treatment to fit it."
Willie Banks (Three time Olympian, Former World Record Holder - Triple Jump)
"As an athlete it is extremely important, especially as I age, for me to keep my body aligned for jumping. I need a chiropractor who really understands the critical factors of jumping before making any adjustments to my body. I found what I was looking for at Performance Health & Wellness. Dr. Chris Barney is the first chiropractor to take a real interest in my sport movement before putting a hand on me. That was the key to my trusting his ability to take care of my body."
Dan Buchner (Professional golfer)
"I am a professional golfer and have been  since 1999. I played on the Nationwide Tour from 2004-2006 and am currently the leading money earner on the Golden State Tour presented by Cleveland Golf. I am only 5'10" and 150 lbs, and have often heard people say, "If Dan could just hit the ball a little further, he would be really tough to beat.” Taking that constructive criticism to heart, I started working out with a personal trainer (Sandra Miguel) and she really improved my strength and conditioning. After a while, Sandra noticed that I needed to increase my range of motion in order to fully utilize my newfound strength. She referred me to Performance Health & Wellness. I knew after my first visit that this was unlike other chiropractors I had visited in the past. Dr. Chris Barney seemed to take a more genuine and personal approach to his work. After a few visits, I knew we were onto something great.  I was able to increase the flexibility and range of motion in my neck and torso drastically in only 3 or 4 visits. I saw an immediate improvement in my golf swing. I was able to consistently hit the ball further and more accurately without overswinging. Recently I had a physical set back. I hurt my shoulder during a swing in a tournament and the pain wouldn't go away. I was unable to play with this pain, so I called Performance Health & Wellness. What happened next really surprised me. Dr. Barney called me back and said he would like to meet me at the golf course to watch me make some swings. My Grandpa used to tell me about doctors making house calls, but I thought those doctors were extinct! After watching me hit a few balls, he applied some pink and blue tape to different areas of my back and shoulder. At first I thought he was crazy, but this actually worked. I was able to hit balls with little to no pain for the first time in weeks. I felt really fortunate to have him on my side. I would recommend Performance Health & Wellness to anyone, especially to those who play golf and are searching for a way to hit the ball further and with more accuracy. I have learned over the years that if you want to improve your game significantly, start by fixing and making your body healthier. Performance Health & Wellness can greatly help anyone achieve these goals."
Christopher Franke ( Hollywood Composer)
"It's always interesting to realize how important it is to not only work with a good doctor, but one of the best. I use a piano and computers all day long to compose music. This is a challenge for my arms and posture and I develped chronic Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. Dr. Christian Barney was able to alieviate my syndrome where others had failed. I had been treated for sometime by my Beverly Hills Chiropractor without any significant or lasting results. With Dr. Barney, I found that Active Release Technique was the treatement that was missing from my previous chiropractic care. His skill, expertise and physical strength set him apart from the average chiropractic practitioner and released my shoulder from chronic pain. In addition to solving the shoulder issue, Dr. Barney has also relieved the pain from my lower back and other areas associated with my long hours in front of a computer. Not only am I pain free now, but my overall wellness and posture have improved dramatically thanks to the daily exercise routine Dr. Barney designed and bi-monthly sessions with him at Performance Health & Wellness."
Luke Hudson (Major League Baseball, Pitcher)
"I've been fortunate to spend parts of 6 years in Major League Baseball as a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and the Kansas City Royals. Unfortunately, I've encountered more than enough physical hurdles during those years and the 5 years in the minor leagues. I went through my share of doctors, trainers, chiropractors and active release therapists throughout my professional baseball career. Then I found Performance Health & Wellness and Dr. Chris Barney. This is by far the best find I have ever come across. Dr. Barney is the most knowledgeable health care provider I've met. I've been to other ART providers but he is by far superior, it still amazes me. His passion for what he does and the sincerity he brings to every patient is impossible to beat. If I have one regret it is having not discovering him earlier."
Saku Koivu (Professional Hockey Player, NHL Anaheim Ducks)
"As a professional hockey player for over 18 years, I've suffered numerous knee and groin injuries that have caused me to miss many games. Thankfully due to the amazing work of Dr. Chris Barney, I have been able to continue playing hockey in the best possible physical condition. Dr. Barney was a referral by another NHL player and is without question an expert in the field of Active Release Technique. Rather than being concerned with only the pain, he focused on the cause. This is what makes his treatement so unique and so successful. Dr. Barney is always inquisitive in regards to my sport and my injuries. He is driven to improve himself in Chiropractic medicine, while providing the absolute best service to his patients at Performance Health & Wellness."
Nick Petrucci (USA World Champion Team Discus Thrower)
"Hello my name is Nick Petrucci and I am a World Class discus thrower. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona playing football as my primary sport and was fortunate to go to Northern Arizona University on a football scholarship as a defensive end. Unfortunately, I had a career ending knee injury my junior year. My competitive drive led me to pick a more predictable sport and I decided throw the discus. I excelled quickly becoming a two time All-American and was a member of the World University Games Team in Beijing, China as well as a member on the World Championship Team in Paris, France. While training for the Worlds in Osaka and Pan American Games in Brazil this year, I tore my right groin abductor muscle during a throwing session. There was a significant amount of swelling and some bruising down the medial side of my leg. I could not do much of anything on it, except small movements and ice. Throughout my career I have had several muscle strains and some tears that required surgery. I usually have no problem fixing a strain and would resume full training within a week. This injury was worse than I thought. After two weeks had gone by I had very little relief. Performance Health & Wellness was referred to me by another discus thrower, word was that they do more than just adjust your back. A training partner of mine said they have a unique style that is very effective on muscles and their functions. So I decided to give them a try. During my first visit, I felt immediate results. I was very impressed by the Active Release Techniques and the tests they used to diagnose the problem. I have been to several chiropractors and athletic trainers involved in sports medicine and most just focus on the area of trauma. Dr. Barney was very good at finding and treating the other muscles involved in the function of the problematic area. I now have full range of motion and I am back to intense throwing and training. Dr. Barney has also provided exercises to further strengthen my points of weakness. I am confident in my recovery and look forward to a great year. I appreciate all the help and support given by Performance Health & Wellness."
Andy Sutton (Professional Hockey Player, NHL Edmonton Oilers)
"I was one of the first NHL players to start using Active Release Technique (ART). Over my 15-year career I've seen dozen of ART providers, but hands-down Dr. Chris Barney is the most competent. Dr. Barney sets out a plan to permanently fix the issue. His awaremess of the body and its function, or lack thereof, is what sets him apart. His manipulations are well thought out and precise. I would recommend Dr. Barney to anyone who wants to feel better and function optimally."
Jason Tunks (3-Time Olympic Discus Thrower)
"In my 11 years as a professional athlete, I have been treated by more therapists and specialists than I care to remember. But finding Performance Health & Wellness has finally allowed me to fix a back and hip problem that left me unable to train. As a discus thrower, I require a lot of heavy weight training in conjunction with aggressive body movements. This can be extremely taxing on the body. There were times that the pain in my back and hip kept me from training properly and not able to perform at my best. I understood the benefits of Active Release Techniques so finding Performance Health & Wellness was a perfect match. After 4 sessions, I was at 100% again and performing better than ever. Dr. Barney is one of the best ART specialists I have ever seen. My back and hip problems are in the past and I can concentrate of being at the top of my game. Thanks Performance Health & Wellness!"
Abigail Villena (Head Tennis Pro, The Billie Jean King Tennis Center)
"I came to Performance Health & Wellness with Lateral Epicondylitis, after tolerating the discomfort for a couple of weeks. As a tennis pro I could not afford to take time off the court, but I also realized I couldn’t continue playing with that much pain. The pain started affecting the technique of my strokes and just icing my elbow wasn’t helping. I was grateful to be referred to Performance Health & Wellness by one of my clients who also overcame a shoulder and elbow injury. During the first week, I was treated three times and had my elbow taped with Kinesio Tape. The second week consisted of two sessions and playing without the Kinesio Tape so I would not become dependent on it. I then came in once a week for the next two weeks. So within a month of beginning treatment, I was back to pain-free playing without having to take any time off. Active Release Technique was new to me, but it really helped me understand the reasons for my other aches and pains. Performance Health & Wellness challenged me to take my overall stretching to another level. Since coming to Performance Health & Wellness my performance on the court has been more explosive and the recovery after workouts have been easier. Thanks for Performance Health & Wellness, I am a more flexible athlete and am confident I will be able to play tennis for a lifetime."
Andrew Cogliano (Professional Hockey Player, NHL Anaheim Ducks)
"I started my NHL career in 2007, Professional hockey is hard on your body, I was plaqued with chronic low back and groin pain. Another hockey player, Saku Koivu, referred me to Dr. Chris Barney. I was initially impressed by his understanding of the body, he is very interested in where my pain but more importantly how I was injuried. I have seen him for multiple injuries, he has been able to diagnose my problems quickly and treat them effectively. He also makes recommendations on exercises to speed the recover. He takes the time to communicate with others on my medical team, he is willing to give and take feedback. I primarily see Dr. Barney for his skill as an ART doctor, but he also, when necessary, adjust my spine. I typically don’t respond well to heavy manipulation. But Dr. Barney’s are light, specific , and effective. As a professional athlete I value Dr. Barney’s expertise and skill. He keeps me on the ice."
Lynda Head (Owner/Trainer Aussie Trainer)
"Performance Health & Wellness is not your typical chiropractor. I came to see Dr. Chris Barney and Performance Health & Wellness for a shoulder problem. I was getting numbness down my arm. For about 6 months I had tried other professionals such as neurologists and physical therapists, and even another chiropractor, but only had limited change. Then I learned of a treatment called Active Release Technique and I wanted to find somebody in my area that I could see. Not only was Dr. Barney a practitioner, he was also a lead instructor for ART. After about the 3rd treatment, I was about 80% better. I was so impressed with his work that I started to refer my clients to Performance Health & Wellness. Most of the clients that I sent were not simple cases; but the staff was able to make a huge difference in the clients’ function while also reducing their pain. Without hesitation I recommend Performance Health & Wellness and Dr. Barney. In fact, I refer most clients to Performance Health & Wellness before they start training to ensure they are healthy and injury-free."
Rit Lefrancois (Avid motorcyclist)
"I have ridden motorcycles since 1965, both on and off road. I continue be an active individual, even now that I am in my 60’s. But if I hadn’t found Performance Health & Wellness I’m not sure I could still say that. Back in 1995, I began to feel pain in my left shoulder. I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and surgery was performed. The first operation fixed the torn rotator cuff, but left me with a great deal of scar tissue and a new kind of pain. After two more operations and a great deal of physical therapy, nothing relieved the pain. So basically I was left to deal with it. Around 2001, I was reading about the Active Release Technique (ART) and became interested. I called their 800 number for a list of doctors in Orange County and found Dr. Chris Barney was the closest. In fact he was the only one practicing this technique. Like many people, I was skeptical of going to a chiropractor, but ART made sense. Lo and behold, after 3 months, I was pain free. My shoulder was no longer "frozen" and I could once again enjoy riding my motorcycle. In fact, it is my main choice for transportation. I recently experienced pain in the arch of my left foot and I didn’t hesitate to go back. They were very good at getting to the root of my problem and determined I had "plantar fasciitis." They then treated the areas involved to help relieve the pain I was experiencing. Performance Health & Wellness and ART I can’t thank enough."
Michael Bossenmeyer (UPS Driver)
"I had been extremely physically active all my life. Growing up I played competitive sports. As an adult I continued to be active. With my occupation as a UPS driver I was constantly in physical motion. For the past fifteen years I had been coping with this major back pain. I have been diagnosed with a congenital deteriorating disc in my lower back. It has caused me to distort my body in order to walk. When my spinal problem was diagnosed, I was no longer able to do the activities I enjoyed without the accompanied pain. Pain that never seemed to go away, no matter how many specialists I saw. Surgery on my spine was, and still is, just not an option for me. I tried traditional western medicines, and traditional Chiropractic therapies, but nothing seemed to be working for me. I am not a pill person and the mandatory 3 days a week visits to the Chiropractor seemed to be a waste of my time and money. I never saw improvement or change to my condition. I truly just accepted the fact that I would have to live with this condition for the rest of my life. If someone would have told me that I would find relief from the pain I have been experiencing for years, I would not have believed them. Luckily for me, my brother suggested that I take a chance on Performance Health & Wellness. They told me that they seemed to take a different approach. He told me how he was actually healing and showing minimal signs of his pain. When he told me they released him, I decided to take a chance. From day one, the relief was immediate. They focused on my muscles and the actual structures of my body. They explained how the muscles interacted with each other and began to develop an easy daily exercise program that I could do at home. It seemed so simple to me that these easy exercises, accompanied with occasional office treatments, have relieved me from the pain I have had everyday for over 15 years. I have more movement in parts of my body that I don’t think I ever had. Performance Health & Wellness's treatments and Active Release Techniques have actually straightened out my torso. They were even able to work on scar tissue in my knees and stomach to allow more mobility in these areas. That was amazing to me!! I don’t even think of them as Chiropractors. It seemed to me that they were more interested in actually seeing me get results from my treatments, than the number of visits it "should" take to get me there. In no time I have become an "as needed" patient. I cannot say enough about this practice. It seems like a miracle!! Performance Health & Wellness is the best!!"
Michael Collins (Nova Masters Swimming Multisports Orange County)
"I can't thank Dr. Chris Barney enough for the work he did with me before my big swim meet recently. I was pretty bummed that I was decently training but still felt out of whack and having trouble with my core rotation on both sides, numbness in my arms and burning in my mid back. But in just one visit, I was substantially better and had my best meet in years. Thanks to the Active Release Technique work Dr. Barney did, I felt strong in my races, had good finishes, and didn't feel as beat up after the meet as I have in the past few years. In the 1500 Free, I dropped from 18:56 to 18:36 (20 seconds!) In the 800 Free, I dropped from 9:50 to 9:38 (12 seconds!) In the 400 Free, I dropped from 4:42 to 4:36 (6 seconds!) These were the fastest times I've swam in 8 years and these times put me in the top 10 in the country in my age group (45-49). This is not the first time that Dr. Barney and Performance Health & Wellness put me back together right before an important competition. Whether it was swimming, running, or a triathlon, Dr. Barney helped me perform at a level higher than my expectations. I really appreciate the level of expertise and treatement."
Elinor Conroy
"Due to back pain, I was referred to Performance Health & Wellness and Dr. Chris Barney. Thanks to Dr. Barney’s thorough and gentle manipulation and his suggestions for physical exercise I have been pain free for over two years. I am in my 60’s and had a lumbar lamenectomy of L4 and L5 in 1986 as well as a double mastectomy and total thyroidectomy. Due to the total thyroidectomy, I found myself exhausted most of the time and had to push myself daily. My medical doctors kept pointing out that my tests indicated the thyroid medication kept me at a proper level. Dr. Barney was the first doctor to listen to me. He referred me to a M.D. who specialized in thyroid and I was placed me on natural thyroid medication. I now have more energy than I did 30 years ago. Dr. Chris Barney is a miracle worker. Thank you Performance Health & Wellness."
Jeff Drake (Adventure Racer and Triathlete)
"I started working with Dr. Barney and Performance Health & Wellness at the advice of my triathlon coach as I was having a series of seemingly disconnected issues. It began with pain in my knees (IT Band) that prevented me from running any distance over 2 miles. While attempting to run through the pain, I began to experience tightness and discomfort in my right hip. After just 3 visits to Performance Health & Wellness, I learned that my injuries were all related. While Dr. Barney and staff began addressing my IT Band issues in my knee, it became clear that my foot and hip were involved in this series of injuries and they began addressing the root cause areas. Now, I am back running 7 miles off-road runs with virtually no discomfort. The bottom line, without quick work with Dr. Barney, I would no longer be able to train for any events that require running."
Belinda “Bee” Eschenwald (Triathlete)
"I experienced my first “triathlon related” injury while running up a steep hill. At first, I didn’t think it was going to be as severe as it later turned out to be. I did what I normally do when I “tweak “ something. I ice, massage and lay off it until I feel ready to resume training. A week later, I tried running and could not even take one step. So, again, I followed the same routine of ice, massage and rest. Another week went by and again, I was in agony as I tried to take a step. This time I decided, I should go get some physical therapy. So, I went to 4 sessions of PT and still one month after I had incurred the injury, the pain in my calf had not subsided. Racing season was fast approaching and I was starting to get worried! I was desperate! I went to Performance Health & Wellness after one of the girls I coach insisted I go. Actually, she really kept raving about them. The approach they used, Active Release Technique, was very different from the physical therapy I was getting and really seemed to penetrate the muscle in a deeper level. After 2 visits with Dr. Chris Barney, I was able to run. I could not believe it! The staff at Performance Health & Wellness is very warm and caring. You immediately feel you are in good hands when you walk through the front door!"
"Thanks to finding Performance Health & Wellness, I am enjoying the passions in life once again. I had all but given up on running and riding due to what was diagnosed as Chronic IT Band Syndrome. I had seen several physical therapists and even a few Active Release Technique providers but they were unable to provide me with any relief. Then a friend convinced me to give Performance Health & Wellness a try. I noticed the improvement immediately. Dr. Chris Barney not only was able to help me understand what was causing the pain, but he was able to offer me a solution. Soon I was running pain free and I started to improve my performance. So much so that I finished my first marathon in 3:20 and qualified for the Boston Marathon."
Matt Holzinger (Passionate Runner and Rider)
"While on vacation in Hawaii, several years ago, I jumped off a waterfall and immediately felt pain. I found a local chiropractor in the phone book that told me he practiced Active Release Technique, which I had never heard of before. I was amazed at the immediate relief I received after that one visit. Naturally, I wanted to continue with this ART treatment when I returned home. Fortunately a friend recommended Performance Health & Wellness and Dr. Chris Barney. I've been to plenty of chiropractors in my time. I found Performance Health & Wellness has much more of a "total" understanding of diagnosing and are able to immediately relieve the pains of training and every day life. What I appreciate most is this care allows your body to run healthy and efficiently. This is important to me as a triathlete. I can not only train harder, but just as important, I am able to recover more quickly. In operating my own Insurance & Financial services company there is only one thing that matters - RESULTS. That's why I continue to see Dr. Barney and Performance Health & Wellness. I get results. I was able to reduce my PR time at Ironman Arizona in November 2009 by over 22 minutes."
Dan Lahey (3 Disciplines Insurance Services)
Kristina A. Lewison (Director, Asset Management)
"After hip surgery and months of intense physical therapy, I still found myself in significant pain. The lack of mobility had me fearful that I would never be able to play with my newborn and toddler. Fortunately I found Performance Health & Wellness. I went to see Dr. Chris Barney after both my physical therapist and my orthopedic surgeon recommended him. I made more progress in my first four weeks with him, than in 8 months of intense physical therapy. My fears were put to rest and I now enjoy playing with both my children and being an active part of their formative years. Not only am I thankful for Performance Health & Wellness, my family is thankful. Thank you Dr. Barney for doing the impossible!"
Jeff Littman (Avid golfer)
"Thirteen months ago I developed what was determined to be medial epicondylitis of my right elbow, aka "golfer’s elbow". As an avid golfer, skier, and guitar player, this injury prevented me from enjoying my passions in life. Golf was impossible, and playing the guitar was painful. Everything I did seemed to aggravate the injury, from washing my hair to opening a jar. I tried different types of therapy to free myself from the pain. Ice, E-Stim, acupuncture, you name it, but nothing helped. I had a cortisone injection which seemed to help, but after two months the pain returned. I believed my condition was going to be permanent, and I was considering surgery. Finally, a friend referred me to Performance Health & Wellness. Using a combination of Active Release Technique, laser treatment, and Kinesio-taping, my symptoms were fifty percent improved after only eight sessions. I continued treatment and regained full functionality. During the treatment, I was encouraged to play the guitar and exercise as part of my recovery, rather then shut everything down. This approach is truly innovative. I wish to thank Dr. Chris Barney and the excellent, caring and friendly staff at Performance Health & Wellness. Anyone out there suffering from "tennis" or "golfers" elbow should consider ART at Performance Health & Wellness."
Brian MacKenzie (CFT, SSC Level 1 Pose Running Coach)
"I am a personal trainer and ultra runner with several runs over 50 miles. I have competed in the Western States 100 mile endurance run, Mt. Disappointment 50k, Run on the Sly 50m, Javelina 100m, Calico 50k, Orange Curtain 100k, Lake Hodges 50k and ran back to back March 18 & 19 the Catalina Marathon (4310ft of elevation gain) then the LA Marathon. I originally came to Performance Health & Wellness with severe right knee pain, due to overuse. If I went to run, I could not go for more than 15 minutes without having to stop because the pain was so bad. In just one visit, Dr. Barney not only treated the injury, he shared his expertise in showing me how to avoid possible recurrence. It has been over a year and the pain has yet to return. I refer everyone of my clientele to Performance Health & Wellness because of their expertise, and will continue to use Dr. Barney’s services as long as I continue to abuse myself."
Neil McQueen (Writer/Musician)
"As a long-time professional writer and keyboards musician, my arms and hands are my life. Over the past few years, my elbow and lower arm problems got to the point where I was very worried about the viability of my careers and my family’s financial future. A prominent musician friend in LA recommended Active Release Technique as the therapy that saved his career, so I was encouraged when I found Performance Health & Wellness and discovered that they were not only practitioners but Dr. Barney in particular was an instructor in ART. Over the last two months of therapy, I have been continually astonished at the degree of knowledge, ability, and in-depth understanding displayed by Dr. Barney and the entire staff. To a person, they are capable and caring, highly motivated by what they do, and sincerely interested in their patients. They've exceeded my expectations in every way, even going beyond the therapy at hand to discover a life-long unrecognized potential food allergy! Most importantly, the therapy is working where traditional means — including physical therapy and medical intervention — did not. And it’s working without taking time away from my jobs or having surgery, both of which were recommended by other practitioners. Because my issues have been almost fully resolved, I have just been cleared for the final phase of therapy — strengthening — that indicates to me that the end to my problems and concerns are within sight. I count myself as highly fortunate to have found not only Active Release Technique, but also Performance Health & Wellness. I have and will continue to wholeheartedly recommend them to others."
June Sabo
"I went to Performance Health & Wellness based on a very strong recommendation from Dwight Stones, the Olympic high jumper.  I have had a variety of leg, back and hip pain issues for about 5 years which were causing me problems not only in running, but were also starting to affect my ability to perform normal daily movements.  I had seen other doctors including an Orthopedic Specialist, Active Release Technique practitioner, and a physiatrist who were able to help me temporarily, but the problems always recurred, sometimes by the next day. With Performance Health & Wellness, immediately one big difference was apparent. The time spent and the methods used in the initial diagnosis was the most thorough I had encountered. The entire staff at Performance Health & Wellness has impressed me with their ability to understand functional movements and underlying structure to explain to me what is causing the pain. Clearly they are interested in getting to the root issues, not just treating the symptoms.  Each visit has been an improvement and because my problems are based on dysfunctional movements. Plus, Dr. Chris Barney's network of other trustworthy people who could help me, such as running and pilates trainers, has been critical to my success. Long story but the net of it is that Performance Health & Wellness has been able to put me on the path to long-term resolution, which is exactly what I needed.  I have and will always highly recommend Performance Health & Wellness."
David Lee (San Clemente, CA)
"I first heard about Active Release Technique while at a Christmas party. Some people were standing around a bar talking about their athletic aches and pains. I mentioned that I had burning pain in both my knees on a regular basis, though it lessened when I pulled back my workouts, it lingered and the soremess was there everyday when climbing stiars or picking things up. At that point, a guy in the group got really animated and excitedly told me about Dr. Chris Barney at Performance Health & Wellness. He said that I would be so happy with the results if I would consult and visit, so I took down Dr. Barney's information and filed it away. By mid-January my knees were hurting so badly that I figured that I was looking at knee replacement surgery. I decided I should give Dr. Barney a try, since this guy was so adament. Amazingly after the first therapy session, my pain was 50% reduced. After the second visit I experienced an 80% reduction in pain. I had been given recommendations before, but none have paid off like this one. I am so thankful that I took my new friend's advice on Dr. Barney. Now I am that guy at the party wholeheartedly recommending Dr. Barney, his Active Release Technique and chiropractic adjustments to anyone and everyone experiencing pain."
Joe Schlegel (VerizonBusiness, Sales Manager)
"It started when I began to experience sharp pain in both my heels while trying to stand up after an evening's sleep. The pain would go away after a few awkward steps, but would recur throughout the day, especially after driving. As a "road warrior", (salesperson), I spend too much time in the car enjoying our wonderful freeway system. The pain worsened over time and over-the-counter pain meds were not improving the situation. That’s when I visited Performance Health & Wellness and right away Dr. Chris Barney diagnosed the problem as "plantar fasciitis." He explained that the Plantar Fascia acts as a shock absorber, but through overuse, poor footwear or weight gain, the tendon stresses and tears. I prefer to believe that poor stretching before softball was my cause, not that overweight one. Dr. Barney patiently worked on my feet and my calves to release the tightness. He designed stretching exercises specifically for me. Within a few months, the care I received has allowed me to resume normal exercise activity. I now stretch numerous times throughout the day and can get in my cardio workouts pain free. I thank the team at Performance Health & Wellness and recommend you give them a call if you are experiencing similar symptoms."
Barbara Vienneau
"In the mornings when I woke up, I was unable to open and close my hand without being in significant pain. I went to see a neurologist who diagnosed me with carpal tunnel in my left wrist. The neurologist prescribed physical therapy and the therapist designed a brace for me to wear at night. After several weeks of wearing the brace, the problem seemed to be resolved. However, after 5 months, the problem came back. This time, not only was I having the same problem with my left hand, I now had developed symptoms on my right side. These symptoms were tingling and numbness which would wake me up at night with the pain. I was also having pain with writing, typing and gripping. I felt as though I was slowly losing my ability to use my right hand. Although the symptoms on each side were different, after nerve testing and an MRI, I was now diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists. The cause was somewhat of a mystery to me since I was not in a job which required the repetitive actions which I generally associate with carpal tunnel. I went back to the physical therapist who made braces for both arms. Although the braces seemed to reduce the symptoms at night, allowing me to get a better night’s sleep, I still had symptoms throughout the day. At this point, surgery was being recommended, however I wanted to exhaust all other remedies before I considered that option. I tried a more traditional chiropractor to try to resolve the problem; however I did not see any improvement. I started researching on the Internet for other therapies or programs. I probably spent $200 on various gadgets and videos, all of which provided no relief. Then I came across something called Active Release Techniques (ART). In doing further research, I found that a trainer for ART, Dr. Chris Barney, has a practice in Irvine – Performance Health & Wellness. As a last ditch effort before having surgery (which I had already scheduled), I decided to see if ART could be the solution to my problem. After about 10 visits, I started to notice significant improvement. I remember writing out birthday invitations for my daughter, a task which usually would have been quite painful to get through, and realizing I was not having any pain. I immediately canceled my surgery and decided to continue with this therapy. After about 6 months, the symptoms had pretty much disappeared and have remained that way for about a year. I occasionally get numbness in my right hand at night, but I am able to relieve it with a simple repositioning of my arm. By discovering Performance Health & Wellness, Dr. Barney and ART, I have gained strength and function back in my hands, I am pain free, and avoided surgery."
Michael Walton (Teacher)
"When I injured my back the pain was absolutely excruciating.  An orthopedic doctor prescribed medication, which initially helped to relieve the pain.  But, ironically, after I was adjusted by a traditional chiropractor the pain quickly returned. Fortunately, I found Performance Health & Wellness and a different approach.  Dr. Chris Barney wanted to know more about me and actually listened. Taking many factors into account ― my medical history, my lifestyle and my body type ― he came up with an effective, realistic treatment plan.  Not only did this speed up my recovery, but it helped address the root cause of the injury. What a difference Performance Health & Wellness made. Not only has my pain gone away, but I’m enjoying more mobility than I’ve had in quite a long time."
Dr. Barney’s new clinic and team of physiology experts are helping me open a door in my life that I assumed was sealed shut. I've spent the last 16 years focusing on family with a spattering of personal maintenance here and there. Yes, I've taken some exercise classes, walked the dogs on weekends, joined a swimming group, rode horses and worked with a personal trainer all of which left me with aching muscles and minor injuries. I hit rock bottom when I tried a "beginner" weight bearing work out video by myself and literally could not move the next day. I shared my concern and disappointment with Dr. Barney and together, with his team, we embarked on my personal physical rehabilitation plan. Now, I spend just two hours a week at Dr. Barney's clinic in a rehab program designed specifically for me. In just one month I gained strength, balance and flexibility without subsequent pain or injury. After 5 month's I tested myself on a vigorous 3 day horseback excursion and have never felt so strong, balanced and confident. I am enjoying my body again and am so happy knowing that aging will no longer seal that door shut. Today, I envision my life after fifty filled with pain free activity and fun with my husband, daughters, friends and future grandkids. I encourage you to contact Dr. Barney and his team if you have a similar story or simply want to age with increased strength, flexibility and balance.
Paula Baldwin

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