Brianna Sargent

Chiropractic Assistant

Brianna Sargent has always had a keen interest in helping others. Growing up with family members requiring special medical care, and having special medical needs herself, Brianna’s curiosity and interest in health grew over the years. After high school, she pursued her interest in health and graduated Magna cum Laude from Kaplan College, obtaining her Medical Assistant Certificate. With so many options available to her, and an interest in so many things, Brianna explored many different medical fields, including Cardiology, Pediatrics, and Radiology.

Although Brianna is interested in learning different areas of treatment, her real passion is dance. Having been a dancer for the last 15 years hasn’t been without struggle. Because of the numerous body aches and pains as a result of dancing, Brianna decided to switch professions and landed in an Administrative setting at Performance Health & Wellness. Her extensive experience working within such a variety of fields over the course of her working life has helped her understand how all areas of the body connect. Her time at Performance Health & Wellness has shown her even more ways to assist others.

Performance Health and Wellness | Irvine Chiropractor | Brianna Sargent

Being involved with a company that helps so many people overcome so many health issues is what fuels Brianna Sargent. She is eager to continue learning multiple ways of healing. The uniqueness and complexity of the body make it difficult to limit her focus and knowledge to just one area. Brianna’s time at Performance Health & Wellness will no doubt help her achieve great things as she progresses in her career. One step is all it takes in the journey into a healthy lifestyle of living, and Brianna hopes to be a part of your journey!

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