Angela Call

B.S., Wellness Therapist

Growing up, Angela Call always wanted to be a nurse. Helping people and creating safe spaces for them to heal in has always been her top goal. Immediately after high school, Angela began taking the required prerequisite courses at Cypress College in order to be accepted into the nursing program. When she discovered how difficult it would be to become a nurse, and how competitive a program it was, Angela decided to transfer to Cal State Fullerton as a Health Science major instead. It didn’t take long before Angela fell in love with classes focusing on the ways of Public Health and how health education and promotion could have such a huge impact on our society. Angela became passionate about teaching people about health on every level.

During her time at CSUF, Angela was a peer health educator, educating students about all things health-related on campus. She relished in her ability to share with others her knowledge of how simple it is to get healthy just by changing one’s lifestyle.

Performance Health and Wellness | Irvine Chiropractor | Angela Call

Angela’s work at Performance Health & Wellness allows her to promote health on so many levels, to so many people. As a Wellness Therapist, Angela strives to keep patients on track with moving better, feeling better, and living the healthy life they want and deserve. Every day Angela is learning new ways to improve health. She looks forward to all the knowledge she will gain, and all the knowledge she can share, working with the patients at Performance Health and Wellness.

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