What are Sprains and Strains?

Sprains and strains are injuries to the musculoskeletal system that are commonly diagnosed conditions. A sprain is an injury to the tendons around a joint, whereas a strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon in the area where it is turning into a muscle. They can cause considerable pain and discomfort, significantly limit activity and mobility, and adversely affect the overall quality of life. Since sprains indicate an injury to a ligament and strains involve tears in muscle tissue, Chiropractic care is an appropriate and highly effective treatment route to take for these injuries. This is because the ultimate goal of Chiropractic care is precisely that – treating disorders involving joints, muscles, or ligaments.

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How Do We Treat Sprains and Strains?

At Performance Health & Wellness, we utilize chiropractic care and other exercises and holistic treatment to stabilize your sprain/strain and get your mobility back quickly and safely. If you think you have a strain or sprain that needs treatment, call us today to set up an appointment.

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