What is a Post-Surgical Complication?

Are you experiencing a Post-Surgical Complication as a result of surgery? While surgery is often the last resort, there are times it is necessary. When all other options or alternatives have not provided satisfactory results, surgery can be the best and seemingly only solution. Surgical results can vary; sometimes procedures can prove to be beneficial, while other times the problems still persist despite numerous surgical attempts to solve them. Regardless of the results, surgery is a very invasive procedure that alters the normal structure and function of the body. With every surgery a person has, scar tissue formation is inevitable. This scar tissue changes the normal movement patterns of the body, which not only reduces the range of motion, but also places excessive stress on muscles, joints, ligaments, and even bones. As such, regardless of whether the results of surgery are successful or not, the new scar tissue must be addressed to avoid faulty movement patterns and stress to surrounding soft tissue structures. If nothing is done to restore normal function to the area, further injury can occur.

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What are some of the symptoms of surgical complication?

  • Excessive scar tissue
  • Reduction in range of motion
  • Continuation of pre-surgery symptoms
  • New pains in surrounding areas
  • Loss of normal function
  • Failed surgical resolution

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