What is Movement Therapy/Rehab?

You shouldn’t have to miss out on the activities you love because your body is holding you back. At Performance Health & Wellness, we believe that to live well you have to move well, which is why we created the Movement Therapy program. Movement Therapy is a breakthrough paradigm shift in how we view training and fitness. Our Chiropractors and Movement Therapists work together to build you an individualized program to address your weaknesses while progressing you towards your goals with a consistent challenge. The result is a safer, faster, more effective way to train that empowers you to live life to the fullest.

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Who benefits from Movement Therapy?

The movement therapy program developed at Performance Health & Wellness bridges the gap between rehab and real life. Our Chiropractors and movement therapist work together to assess movement and create individualized training programs that address weaknesses while progressing you towards your goals.

We prioritize quality of movement over quantity of exercise, in order to develop movement ability, work capacity, and functional fitness. Whether you’re looking to train for your next marathon or just play with your grandkids without pain, our program is ideal for individuals transitioning out of rehab, athletes looking to optimize their performance, and any individual wanting to move and live better.

Benefits of Performance Health & Wellness Movement Therapy Program:

  • A superior alternative to personal training
  • Offers strength training for runners and triathletes
  • Golf specific screening by our TPI certified Chiropractor
  • Private and small group sessions available

Performance Health & Wellness Movement Therapy Program

We draw from the best of sports chiropractic, physical therapy, and personal training to build personalized training programs for individuals of all ages and abilities. Our mission is to empower our clients to reconnect with their bodies, build independence, and find joy in movement, sport, play, and life.

The intention of our program is what sets us apart. Unlike other programs that focus on volume of exercises, we build our clients from the ground up by prioritizing quality of movement over the volume of exercise. Our program begins with a thorough movement assessment by our skilled movement therapist, who then partners with our Chiropractors to create a personalized, intelligently designed movement program just for you. The result is a superior program that is challenging, efficient and results driven, while also addressing the underlying issues that would otherwise limit performance and predispose you to injury. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, which is why Performance Health & Wellness builds the solid movement foundation that enables our clients faster, superior, more efficient results.

The goal of the program is ultimately to empower our clients. Where other programs seek to create confusion and dependency by following fads and trends, our intuitive system is grounded in the study of developmental movement. This creates a simple, logical, and effective progression that allows our clients to better understand their bodies, build kinesthetic awareness, and take ownership of their own fitness.

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