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Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy

Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has helped countless individuals of all ages recover from a variety of conditions and ailments. The Body Fix offers the leading Mount Pleasant physical therapy services at moderate prices.

Chiropractic care isn't always taken seriously in the medical community, but physical therapies can produce shocking results. Over the years, modern tech advancements have significantly influenced physical therapy in Mount Pleasant. Physical therapies of the past have been reinvented with enhancements from modern technology.

Five Things to Know Body Fix's Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Physical Therapy Services

The Body Fix is a clean and safe facility that presents a broad range of physical therapy options. The conveniently located facility is well maintained and easily accessible for patients with limited mobility. The Body Fix would like clients to know the reasons they should choose us for chiropractic care.

  1. Trained Professionals – Dr. Mario Tolj is the best physical therapist in Mount Pleasant. He is a board-certified chiropractor and sports medicine practitioner who has been part of the Body Fix team for several years. Dr. Mario Tolj offers an uplifting bedside manner that goes with his upfront approach to treatment and care. Besides the professional finesse of Dr. Mario Tolj, The Body Fix has a full staff of licensed experts who love helping others.

  2. Sanitized Environment – In today's troubling times, it is essential to stay safe from germs and viruses. At The Body Fix, all appointments are privately held in widely spread office locations to prevent illnesses. After every meeting, offices get sanitized from top to bottom for a superior level of clean. The central office surfaces, waiting room, and care offices are wiped down with safe, effective sanitizing products. From pens to doorknobs, every part of the care center is kept sparkling clean.

  3. Tiered Service Bundles – The Body Fix offers three tiers of service bundles that provide various treatments and therapies. The bronze service therapy package allots four visits of active release treatments, joint mobilization, and a broad range of other therapies to heal several ailments. The silver service bundle allows eight nerve flossing visits, cold laser therapy, and myofascial release treatments. The gold package provides twelve visits of S.O.T blocking, chiropractic adjustments, and Kinesio Rock Tape applications.

  4. Straightforward Booking – Booking an appointment at The Body Fix is direct and can be done from a mobile app. The online booking process only takes a few minutes and allows clients to schedule appointments based on their availability.

  5. Free Parking – The Body Fix's convenient location allows plenty of free parking in the Indigo Square industrial complex. The clinic has an easily accessible design that considers the mobility of all patients.

Charleston's Best Chiropractic Care Specialists and Therapy Professionals

The Body Fix is home to the chiropractic industry's leading medical experts, such as Dr. Mario Tolj. New clients can sign up for a free consultation with the leading chiropractic specialists in Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Please dial 843-981-4500 to contact our customer support team for a free consultation and review potential treatments available to you.

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Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy Mount Pleasant Physical Therapy