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Performance Health & Wellness

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Performance Health & Wellness

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Performance Health & Wellness

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Performance Health & Wellness

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Performance Health & Wellness

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Performance Health & Wellness

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Performance Health & Wellness

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Irvine California Nutritionist

Irvine, California residents who are looking for a professional Nutritionist will find Performance Chiropractic has the Nutrition Counseling services they’re looking for.


At performance Chiropractor, their Nutrition Specialists know the benefits of proper nutrition, and that they are many. Their professional counseling can help you achieve your health goals, with customized solutions for obesity, weight loss, eating disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and a wide range of other health concerns. 


The Irvine, California Nutritionist also has specialized expertise in pediatric nutrition, picky eating issues from infancy through adolescence, and more. They are able to offer you support with sports nutrition advice for both recreational fitness and competitive sports alike. Performance Chiropractic understands the importance of good nutrition, and can help you with:


- Extensive nutritional-based consultation

- Appropriate laboratory testing

- Developing courses of treatment for a variety of conditions or indications

- Individualized nutrition programs based on your personal biochemistry

- Improving your health and lifestyle


Take a look at the 10 bullet points Performance Chiropractic finds key to improving one’s health:


- Be emotionally excited. Dig deep into what motivates you the most, and make that the fuel that drives your success. 


- Write down your goals. Documentation can help you see where you’re going- and where you’ve been, and can serve as a great motivation factor. 


- Create a definitive plan of action. This can keep you from straying the course or wandering into areas where you are not dedicated. Your Irvine, California Nutritionist can help you draft a plan of action.


- Be ready for prep work. Shop for the right kind of foods to have handy, create an exercise plan, pick up a recipe book for healthy foods, and follow a sleep routine for best results.


- Be consistent. Turn your new healthy decisions into new ways of life that you commit to following from here on out. Strive for progress, not perfection along the way, and be forgiving when you fail to meet your expectations.


- Eat more vegetables. There’s no one who wouldn’t benefit from eating more vegetables, and it’s so easy to incorporate them into your daily life, from modifying your current recipes to finding new ones. Use healthy condiments to make them more appealing, and learn to enjoy them like the rest of us!


- Have an accountability partner. Share your goals with someone who is in the position of helping you remain accountable to adhering to them.


- Keep track of your progress. Documentation makes room for improvement. Great progression notes can help you move toward your goals quicker and easier. 


- Surpass benchmarks. Create mini-goals that empower you to meet and then exceed them. This helps to set you up for more victories than defeats.


- Increase the intensity of your exercise. Maximum effects occurs when your dog reaches 80% and above of its maximum heart rate. Goals are reached their fastest during shorter, high intensity bouts.


To learn more, contact the Irvine, California Nutritionist from Performance Chiropractic by calling 949-476-1250. You can also visit online at for more information about their services.

Irvine California Nutritionist
Performance Health & Wellness
2737 Campus Dr., Irvine California, 92612

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Irvine California Nutritionist Irvine California Nutritionist
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