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Gut Health Is As Unique As You Are

The majority of the people selling “gut health” are gut health hucksters. That’s because trying to optimize the body’s systems without any sort of lab testing isn’t functional medicine. It’s gambling.

Imagine your car wasn’t working properly and you took it into the shop. Without even checking under the hood the mechanic decides to sell you a new radiator. If your car needed a new radiator then great! You’re going to see a dramatic improvement! But if what you really needed were new tires or antifreeze then it isn’t really going to help much.

And that’s the approach to gut health I see advertised every day. Anyone who’s trying to sell you a one size fits all diet or cleanse or “superfood” to cure your GI issues, optimize your health, or “biohack” you isn’t taking into account the incredibly complex, beautiful, interdependent organism that you are. That’s right, you’re special. And your optimal gut health program should be, too

Sure, it’s much easier to sell one product or program to everyone. And it may very well be an incredible diet or program. But the truth is that each person’s physiology and gut biome are unique and will respond in their own way.

And by unique I don’t just mean a little different. I mean that even though we all carry around some 100 trillion microorganisms with us there are drastic differences in gut biome constitution between populations. Differences in who you have playing on your 100 trillion organism team have been linked to your risk from everything from cancer to type two diabetes to mental illness. Fascinating, huh?

Different people literally have completely different stuff in their gut. So how does a single intervention account for this diversity? It doesn’t. 

That’s why a proper gut health intervention needs diagnostic lab testing so the practitioner can actually understand what your issue is. Otherwise they’re just guessing and treating your symptoms. That’s gambling, not functional medicine.

Functional medicine is personalized medicine. Treatments are based not upon generalizations but rather based on specific lab testing. This means that your functional medicine doctor can test to see exactly where your body’s systems aren’t operating to their full potential and prescribe an intervention specifically tailored to your body’s needs. No guess work. All results.

That’s like the mechanic actually taking a peek under the hood of your car before he sells you a radiator. I’m no car mechanic but that sounds reasonable to me.

So you’ve heard all the exciting research emerging on the importance of your gut health and you want to improve it. Excellent!

Then find a functional medicine practitioner who’s going to do it right. Will it be more expensive than buying a product you saw advertised off Instagram? Probably. But if you spent half as much money on a new radiator when you car really needed a new transmission, did you save money?

You decide.

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Dr. Christian Barney D.C., D.A.B.C.O., C.C.S.P., ART

How can Performance Health & Wellness help you?

  • Active Release Technique (ART) to the soft tissue structures to restore normal function, decrease stress to the injured area, reduce scar tissue, and promote healing;
  • Stretching and Exercises to prevent condition from returning;
  • Chiropractic adjustments to restore proper motion;
  • Cold laser to help reduce inflammation;
  • Kinesio taping to allow an athlete to continue to particpate in his sport plus augments the treatment.
  • Functional medicine with extensive nutritional based consultation, individualized nutrition programs.

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