With every New Year comes a revised version of the same resolution; Getting habitual with and succeeding in being healthier. Most enter the spectrum of change unprepared, a usual recipe for defeat as time speeds up on us and old patterns haunt. Here’s a list of 10 bullet points I find key and essential to improving ones health, please implement and enjoy.

Be Emotionally Excited

1. Be Emotionally Excited:

Find what main aspect of your health goals motivate you the most, dig deep into why you’re dedicated and make that the fuel that drives your success. On an emotional upswing all hurdles seem limited in height, nothing unattainable. Then when hit with the eventual rough patch in your journey, the minute hope runs aloof, use that same fuel to bring about positivity and a push from within that carries triumph and determination.

Write Down Your Goals

2. Write Down Your Goals:

Documenting daily, weekly, and monthly numerical and motivational goals will assist in reinvigorating and reiterating why you’ve decided to chase change. Write them in a place you access often like your phone, a notepad that lies on your desk, a fridge or kitchen counter. Whatever it takes to keep the message fresh and energizing.

Create a definite plan of action

3. Create A Definitive Plan Of Action:

Once goals are set and there’s an idea of direction, map out realistic paths one can follow on a daily basis to see changes in behavior that yield immediate result. Dream too big and every small step seems insufficient; Keep your mind on the many hourly adjustments that build and create patterns of true impact. Following predetermined, well thought out remedies leave no situation foreign. Reaching out to a health expert or someone that specializes in your given goal may as well work to determine such a plan.

Be ready for prep work

4. Be Ready For Prep Work:

Shopping for proper foods, created or attaining an exercise plan, cooking or rationing sleep takes a great deal of thought and time. Spontaneity isn’t a trait you find in the annals of health and nutrition, the more you can pre plot the better.

Be Consistent

We have prepared some great recipes in our Sleep Debt article

5. Be Consistent

Health is a journey not a destination, consistency its main factor in achievement. If you cheat on a meal, miss a workout or two, you can always get back on track with very little setback. Turn your new healthy ways into a normal part of life, strive for progress and not perfection.

Eat more vegetables

6. Eat More Vegetables

I literally laughed when I thought of this, but I’ve never seen a person that couldn’t benefit from eating more vegetables.  Learn how to cook them, try different varieties as we need at least 8 servings, or half your plate to qualify in the category of making a difference. I use Celtic salt on mine to increase flavor, light oil as opposed to steaming since that form of preparation lacks taste and provides very little added health benefits.

Have an accountable partner

7. Have An Accountable Partner

Tell someone about your goals, even better team with a person you know has the same mindset. Having people in life hold you accountable can make the ride much easier, more enjoyable and less of an uphill climb. Be each others voice of reason, find yourself believing wholeheartedly in the things you use to motivate them.

Keep track of the process

8. Keep Track Of The Process

What gets documented gets improved, goals and progress deserve the same treatment! Great progression notes can cement a true path to achievement, that or outline in chalk a list of tweaks needed to guarantee a better future outcome. You can never go too far overboard in note taking. Make sure there’s a record of why things are occurring, good or bad.

Surpass Benchmarks

9. Surpass Benchmarks

Create believable benchmarks that enable you to monitor progress. These “mini goals” don’t have to be anything novel, keep your steps small even if the journey may take many flights to ascend. Creating more victories than defeats is the idea.

Increase your exercise intensity

10. Increase Your Exercise Intensity

Much of the magic within exercise occurs when your body is above 80% of its maximum heart rate. Exercise goals as a whole are reached fastest during shorter high intensity bouts, something well documented with new trends in fitness such as CrossFit and Mixed Martial Arts style workouts. If your intensity is already high you may need to increase your recovery.

Exercising overly hard, at extensive lengths burns muscle while creating a stress mode for the body, taking what feels like positive exertion and creating a huge health negative. In my last article I discussed strategies pertaining to sleep, another prime factor for fat burn and muscle growth, all of vital importance to a proper game plan.

Increase your exercise intensity, but look out, because there is a thin line between adequately challenging your abilities and overtraining. Find out more in our Overtired article.

How can Performance Health & Wellness help you?

  • Active Release Technique (ART) to the soft tissue structures to restore normal function, decrease stress to the injured area, reduce scar tissue, and promote healing;
  • Stretching and Exercises to prevent condition from returning;
  • Chiropractic adjustments to restore proper motion;
  • Cold laser to help reduce inflammation;
  • Kinesio taping to allow an athlete to continue to particpate in his sport plus augments the treatment.
  • Functional medicine with extensive nutritional based consultation, individualized nutrition programs.
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